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Lawsuits – a nightmare for the sports manager!  Just in 2009, stories about the reckless homicide charge against the Kentucky high school football coach and the wrongful death lawsuit against the University of Central Florida for the death of Eric Plancher, another football player, has filled much air time in the local and national media.  This does not have to happen!  Fortunately, death in sports is not commonplace, but accidents are.  Sport is one of the most litigated areas in the United States.

Does your sport organization have a comprehensive risk management plan?  President Susan Foster can assist your organization with developing a risk management plan that fits your organization and focuses on prevention.  Do your employees know exactly what to do should an accident or emergency arise beyond calling 9-1-1?  We focus on small sport facilities, recreation programs, and fitness clubs and our attorney can oversee the development of your releases, waivers, membership contracts, and other paperwork. 

Contact SBC today for your risk management audit and assessment and begin your steps towards taking a proactive approach to protect your participants, organization, and employees.

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